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A Curated Collection

In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of a tragic mid-air collision involving two B17 aircraft over what is now Stanwick Lakes, the visitor center organized a poignant private ceremony followed by a captivating 10-day exhibition for the public (23rd February – 3rd March).

This exhibition showcased a curated collection of historic artifacts directly related to the incident, generously contributed by volunteers and locals from their personal collections.

To do all we can for the impact of this exhibition, and ensure the lasting legacy of the occasion, this webpage aims to present a virtual gallery of photographs and the information boards, allowing visitors to experience and appreciate the exhibit from anywhere in the world.


A Permanent Memorial

We hope that those who were moved by the exhibition will join us in fundraising efforts to commission a permanent memorial to be situated at Stanwick Lakes, marking the poignant site of the collision.

Nadia Norman, Heritage Coordinator at Stanwick Lakes, said:

“The B-17 collision in 1944 is such a significant event in local history and it was important to us that we were able to remember and commemorate the airmen on the 80th anniversary of the crash. A permanent memorial here at Stanwick Lakes will help tell the story of self-sacrifice and bravery of our Allied forces, and will be a lasting legacy that shows that communities had and still have a special relationship with US air bases in our local area.”


You Are Part of Our Story

The exhibition captured significant public attention, drawing visits from Anglia TV, the Northants Telegraph and more, and sparking widespread interest. Along with such overwhelming support, and with the help of volunteers and locals alike, we have uncovered additional contributions of artifacts, generously shared with us to enhance the exhibition both on a temporary and permanent basis. It’s truly an honor to receive such meaningful additions and personal stories from visitors, further enriching the collection for all.

A number of visitors also brought their own items to show and loan for display, including an original silk US issued WWII 1943 colour escape map of Western Europe, which had been carefully kept and preserved.

If you have a story to add, please feel free to get in touch.

Gallery under construction.
We’ll be adding more images of the exihibit and information board to this gallery very soon. In the meantime, please enoy a selection of images from SSgt Jennifer Zima, 501st Combat Support Wing Public Affairs, RAF Alconbury.


Your support
is appreciated.

We’re striving to make it simpler for you to support this specific cause by setting up a dedicated donation option on our website. Meanwhile, you can donate online via our main donation page (please send an accompanying email) or by cheque. Your contribution will help create a lasting memorial at Stanwick Lakes, honoring those impacted by the historic event.

Email Us To Dedicate Your Donation Specifically to the B17 Memorial