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Nest Box Sponsorship

Sponsor a Stanwick Lakes Nest Box

We are offering the opportunity to sponsor a nest box for the 2024 nesting season and by doing so, help us to look after the birds that live at Stanwick Lakes. The nest boxes on the site provide a vital nesting place for birds such as robins and wrens, blue tits and great tits, kestrels and tawny owls and the £25 donation we ask to sponsor a nest box will contribute towards projects specifically aimed to help birds on the nature reserve and awareness to support these initiatives.

Struggling to find the perfect ethical gift?

Looking for a “no waste” present that will also have a direct impact on local conservation?

Why not give the unique gift of a Nest Box Sponsorship?

Nest box sponsors receive a pack which includes information about their allocated nest box, how we look after the birds on the nature reserve and an RSPB  pin badge. 

To protect the birds, we don’t share the exact location of the nest boxes with you, but we will give you a general description of the location, details of the immediate habitat, and its registered number so you can follow what is happening in the box throughout the nesting season. You will also be the first to hear about bird related events taking place at Stanwick Lakes, including Baby Bird and Dawn chorus walks.

Sponsor A Nest Box


You can purchase Nest Box Sponsorship via our online shop.

Also, please don’t forgot to download, complete and email this form: NEST BOX SPONSORSHIP FORM …and email it to us at, putting NEST BOX SPONSORSHIP in the subject box.

Once we have received your form, we will send out your Nest Box sponsorship pack, or you are welcome to come and pick it up from Stanwick Lakes.

Nest Box Updates

Once the breeding season starts in February / March 2024, we will update the table adjacent (we aim to produce our first report in late March / early April) to give you information about all the nest boxes which we have on the nature reserve at Stanwick Lakes. Information will include what species of bird has built their nest in each box, if eggs have been laid and how many chicks have hatched and fledged.

The box that you have sponsored will have been designed for a specific bird and will have been used before, but we can’t guarantee which bird will use it, as the birds make their own choices as to where they nest!

A big thank you to those who have supported this project already this season:

Dougie and Danny Dormer, Margaret and Ian Atwood, Sean Carroll, Zoe Walker, Northamptonshire Walks, Jim Aspinwall, Frances Bilby, the Wood Family