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The myth of the night songstress!

by | May 1, 2024

We’re thrilled to inform of an exciting visitor to Stanwick Lakes Nature Reserve – a Nightingale!

For those unfamiliar, the Nightingale is a small, unassuming bird known for its remarkably powerful and beautiful song.

Despite the name, literally translating to “night songstress,” it’s the male Nightingale that sings, and while they are known to sing at night (their nocturnal performances are believed to occur when there’s less competition from other ambient sounds), they also sing throughout the day – like this one!

The Nightingale’s song is a welcome addition to any natural setting, with a vast range whistles, tweets, beeps, trills, screeches and croaks and the volume from such a small, frankly, bland-looking bird, can be remarkable.

The Nightingale’s presence is particularly noteworthy given its declining population in the UK. Habitat loss, as they prefer scrubland to breed, has contributed to their decline, which is down 90% since the late 19060s and 57% of that since 1995. In the UK, they’re typically present from April to August.

We have recorded Nightingale at Stanwick Lakes before, but with previous records indicating brief visits lasting only a day or two as they migrate through. However, we’re delighted that this one seems to be making itself at home. Fingers crossed.

For those planning a visit, keep your ears tuned for the distinctive sounds. As you explore our lakeside paths, you may just be treated to a serenade from this remarkable bird.

As always, we remind all visitors to respect the natural habitat of our wildlife residents, including the Nightingale, by sticking to paths, and keeping dogs on leads.

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